Lindsey Vonn’s Ex-Husband Jokes He Was Fan Who Snitched on Tiger Woods


Thomas Vonn

Well played Mr. Vonn, well-played.

The whole outrage about this is ridiculous. Tiger made a mistake, he was penalized for it, please move on with your lives. Some of the media and golfers sounds like 12-year-old girls, who just found out they were sold bogus Justin Beiber tickets.

Stop all your whining and realize because of Tiger, all of you are making a lot more money, before you start high horsing and throwing him under the bus.

Plus, if you are going to slander, at least make it humorous like Vonn’s ex-husband, even though he is probably crying on the inside.

Could be Mr. Vonn still upset about losing this?


  1. Ned and Freddy are totally LAME!. Hate and Jealousy are such weak qualities.. Why don’t you guys get over your penis envy ! Hey, you can always buy a big black strap on! lol

  2. Oh yeah and .. Tommy boy.. You are the biggest loser of all because there is nothing more pathetic than a totally unremarkable ex who can’t let go.. You sir are a overly jealous psycho. No wonder she left your little vienna for the big bratwurst!

  3. Tiger is a rich cheater. Master officials blew it. After viewing they said
    they didn’t see anything, blind eye how about the divot yards ahead of his

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