Lindsey Vonn’s Ex-Husband Jokes He Was Fan Who Snitched on Tiger Woods


Thomas Vonn

Well played Mr. Vonn, well-played.

The whole outrage about this is ridiculous. Tiger made a mistake, he was penalized for it, please move on with your lives. Some of the media and golfers sounds like 12-year-old girls, who just found out they were sold bogus Justin Beiber tickets.

Stop all your whining and realize because of Tiger, all of you are making a lot more money, before you start high horsing and throwing him under the bus.

Plus, if you are going to slander, at least make it humorous like Vonn’s ex-husband, even though he is probably crying on the inside.

Could be Mr. Vonn still upset about losing this?


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  1. Most likely Mr Vonn is thinking “how low can she go?”. The fact is and we all know by science that, you’re sleeping with everybody your partner has slept with. That’s how diseases get around….and some take years to incubate.Without getting specific he’s just thinking “yeeech! I’ll never touch her again” and I’m glad we didn’t have kids”.

    • He’s her EX-HUSBAND for a reason! From his comment he sounds like a jerk or maybe verbally abusive. She’s moved on and so should he.

        • Actually if i was him i would keep quiet , by doing this you look like the JILTED EX, who is keeping tabs like a stalker and looks very jealous..

  2. This guy is jealous that she is dating Tiger woods anybody with a brain knowns that. You should not get angry because your women is with Tiger woods. Not many women can do better unless they date a bigger billionaire.

  3. ….M. Jordon got special treatment…and now it is Mr. Woods turn…I quit watching pro basketball aFter that and now i will stop wATCHING PRO GOLF….

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