Lingerie Football League Offers Tim Tebow a Job as QB Coach


Time Tebow Jets workout

The market for Tim Tebow is complicated.

If you bring him in, then you have a circus on your hand from day 1, especially if you bury him on your depth chart like the Jets did.

I am not sure he will get another opportunity in the NFL. It is a gift and a curse, if he wasn’t so famous, he wouldn’t have been drafted so high to begin with, but because of that fame (and the fact he can’t really throw the football), it might keep him out of the league.

The CFL says he would have to compete as a backup and now the Lingerie League is throwing him a promotional bone.

LFL President Mitchell Mortaza writes, “Now that it appears Mr. Tim Tebow’s career in the National Football League may be coming to an end, we at Legends Football League would like to extend him an offer to become our Quarterbacks Coach nationally.”



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