Magic Johnson Goes Off on Lakers and Dwight Howard via Twitter

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson was one of the greatest players of all time. He should be in everyone’s Top 10, but as an analyst he is terrible. He is also extremely biased and emotional when it comes to the Lakers.

In essence he is a fan and like most Lakers fans this evening, he lashed out against the Lakers and Dwight Howard specifically.

Magic Johnson Tweets 3

Magic Johnson Tweets

Magic Johnson Tweets 2

Some of what Magic says makes sense, while other points are overreactions. The Lakers were just doomed from the point they fired Mike Brown and Steve Nash was hurt in the second game of the season.

Dwight Howard sounded defeated and more than anything else that should concern the Lakers.

2 thoughts on “Magic Johnson Goes Off on Lakers and Dwight Howard via Twitter

  • Magic has every right to criticize the Lackers (Mis-Spelling intended)! He is the second greatest Laker of all time. He played during an era when players were hungry and serious about playing basketball. Nowadays, players are spoiled brats who worry about partying, making it rain at strip clubs and bragging about who wears the most expensive watch and necklace. Magic was a Laker. Those guys in the purple and gold uniforms aren’t Lakers, they’re Lackers! They lack discipline, they lack a competent head coach, they lack team chemistry, they lack hunger and they’re lack luster!


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