Magic Johnson Supports His Gay Son EJ, Who Stolls LA in Fur Coat and Purse (Video)


Earvin Johnson III Gay

I don’t really care if Magic Johnson’s son is gay or not, but I do know it is pretty warm in LA, so he can’t be comfortable in that fur coat or am I missing something?

It is my opinion, that being a parent means having unconditional love for your child, so regardless of their sexual orientation, religious beliefs, their choice in partners and etc, you should be supportive.

As long as it isn’t doing any harm to your child, you should always have their back no matter what, so I am not surprised that Magic Johnson has nothing but support for his kid.

Just save the fur coat for NYC (where he goes to NYUl) EJ.


  1. As a parent you have unconditional love for a child, but you do not support them when they are involved in things that are wrong. You would not support a child who is a thief, a murderer, rapist, etc, and you should not support a child who says they are a homosexual. Yes, you love them regardless, but it is wrong. I would not be saying that I am proud of their decision to come out. It is a sin, an abomination to GOD, and they will spend eternity in hell. No one is born gay!! It is a choice.

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