Man Suing Derrick Rose For Not Returning & Causing Him To Become Fat & Depressed

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The most epic lawsuit of all time, perhaps.  A Peoria Illinois man is about to bring legal action against the former MVP for missing the entire 2013 season.

HipHop365 reported that Matthew Thompson, a self-described long time Bulls fan, and electrician by trade filed a lawsuit on Thursday against Derrick Rose.

Thompson claims Rose’s absence caused him to have mental breakdowns, emotional distress and ultimately to gain tons of weight. According to reports Thompson also claims that Rose displayed negligent behavior by refusing to play despite being cleared by doctors.

No reports yet if Peoria county officials will entertain the man’s complaints or not.

The silliness of the claims speak for itself, but you have to admit attributing weight gain to depression stemming from your favorite athlete being hurt is one A+ excuse. *slow clap*