Mark Cuban Calls Phil Jackson The Lakers 1st Housewife

Mark Cuban Calls Phil Jackson The First Lakers Housewife

It’s no secret that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and hall of fame coach Phil Jackson aren’t the fondest of each other. The two have traded jabs in the media for years, and although Phil Jackson is retired that doesn’t mean the verbal jousting is.

As reported by the LA Times when asked about his thoughts on Shaq’s jersey retirement ceremony, at which Jackson spoke, Cuban had his chance to take other dig him and he capitalized on it.

“I have great respect for Phil too, Jeanie’s husband as he’ll now be known,” Cuban said, referencing Jeanie Buss, the Lakers’ executive vice president and governor who votes on issues at owners’ meetings. “Someone’s got to be the first housewife of the Lakers.”

This is not the first time Cuban has used Jackson’s relationship with former Lakers owner Jerry Buss’ daughter Jeanie as insult material. A few years ago he called Jackson Jeanie Buss’ “boy toy.”

No response yet from the Zen master about Cuban’s housewife reference, but I’m sure if he does it will be a clever rebuttal drenched with sarcasm. Oh, how I miss this verbal rivalry….