Marquez Says Bradley Will Be Next Opponent, Not Pacquiao


This isn’t the first time that news about Marquez-Pacquiao V has been shot down but this time it came straight from the champs mouth.

Juan Manuel-Marquez doesn’t want to do the same old song and dance; he knows that he is towards the end of his career and it’s all about winning titles. Defeating Bradley in a Welterweight championship match would give Marquez a title in 5 different weight classes.

Marquez had this to say about his next fight:

“It motivates me more to look for a fifth divisional championship. I believe that any sportsman or professional wants to achieve certain goals and that’s why another belt inspires me more. And what’s better than facing an opponent – who for me is a great fighter, tough and difficult, like Timothy Bradley”

When asked about the possibility of promoters derailing that goal Marquez said,

“I am not a puppet for anybody. I will not allow myself to move forward based on what a promoter or other people say. The surest thing is that there will not be a fifth fight with Manny Pacquiao, and yes there will be a fifth championship.”

Timothy Bradley is currently concentrating on his recovery from a concussion suffered during his thrilling title defense in early March. That style of fight gained Bradley the respect of his peers, but has also made him the most vulnerable and sought after champion in boxing.

Bradley went from saying,”no one would fight me, I took the fight that was here” during an interview with us here at BSO to now having the biggest names in his weight class lining up for the opportunity.

Marquez wants Bradley, Bradley wants the biggest payday, and promoters want the biggest names. Some one isn’t going to get their way when this is all said and done. Bradley’s biggest payday would be a fight against Manny because of Manny’s large following and the controversial results of their first fight. Promoters want Marquez v Pacquiao 5 but Marquez won’t allow them to make that fight.

Boxing has started to gain some momentum and buzz again but spats such as these are what doesn’t allow boxing to reach a level that it hasn’t been at since the mid 90’s. Until the best fighters fight each other consistently the sport of boxing will be the loser, which is to say that the fans will be losers as well.