Matt Barkley Says He’ll Remember The QBs Taken Ahead Of Him


Maybe ten years from now we’ll be talking about the 30 for 30 documentary titled the Barkley 3.  In it will talk about the three quarterbacks drafted ahead of Matt Barkley and where they are now.

Barkley like Tom Brady before him watched quarterbacks get chosen before him, and like Tom Brady, Barkley will use that disappointment to fuels him for years to come.

As Barkley told Scott Wolf and had chronicled by Around The League, Barkley says “he’ll always remember this NFL Draft, and most importantly, the quarterbacks selected ahead of him.”

“You visualize all the picks that went in front of you, especially the other quarterbacks,” Barkley told Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News. “I’m going to remember this weekend for a long time and so are the teams that didn’t draft me.”

Barkley now has a chip on his shoulder, and with all the high school and college success he’s had, it’s a chip that might have been needed.

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  • Man just STFU and play the game…..if he wins a superbowl then he can talk shit

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