Mayweather: If you can take Care of 20 Women, You should Have 20 Women

Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather always makes his feelings known. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Money Mayweather is willing to say anything on his mind and doesn’t really care what people think.

That is part of the reason there has been so much interest in Mayweather’s new show ’30 Days in May’, that chronicles the boxer’s last 30 days of freedom before going to jail. The show aired Wednesday night for the first time, and has drawn quite a bit of attention.

Mayweather had some rather interesting quotes on the show and via Larry Brown Sports, we have some of the most memorable. Specifically, Mayweather’s views on relationships and women.

When it comes to females, even though you can’t drive 10 cars at one time, but, you got people that got 10 cars,” said Mayweather. “So you’re able to keep maintenance up on 10 cars. So I feel that as far as it comes to females, that same thing should apply. If you’re able to take care of 20 then you should have 20.”

So does that mean Floyd has multiple women? And what does his fiancee, Shantel Jackson, think of his stance?

“I’m not the jealous type,” she says. “I know who I am and I know where we stand. I just feel like when you have that type of relationship where you can be open and honest, I just think it helps the trust and it helps keep things new and fresh. So it doesn’t bother me and it’s never bothered me. I just think when you let a man be him, he will respect you that much to not disrespect you.”

Like I said earlier, Mayweather will say whatever he feels. The real question now is, what do you think of his comments?

One thought on “Mayweather: If you can take Care of 20 Women, You should Have 20 Women

  • Floyd better have a prenup because you better believe that Shantel will be going for half if she catches him cheating. He is able to talk shyt now and she’ll say whatever but we all know the deal.

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