Mayweather vs. Guerrero All-Access Debuts Tonight on Showtime

Mayweather All Access

Part of what turned Floyd Mayweather from just a great boxer into a PPV juggernaut was the HBO 24/7 series. It was no different from how reality shows, turn D-Level celebrities and no names into stars overnight.

Mayweather was known to the boxing community, but this put his lifestyle on the display to the masses and people with discretionary income. Didn’t matter if you loved or hated him, you were interested. When people are interested, they spend their money via PPV or a flight down to Vegas.

Mayweather has left HBO and moved on to Showtime and will try to duplicate that success with Showtime All-Access. All-Access is like HBO 24/7, but different in its own ways. I will be curious to see how they portray, not just Mayweather, but Guerrero as well.

It was bad luck for Guerrero getting arrested for having a gun at the airport, but it was GOLD for Showtime.  I have been told that will be heavily featured in the first episode airing tonight at 10pm Eastern.

Part of the reason that Showtime signed Floyd Mayweather, was to get additional subscriptions to their network.  We will see soon, how much power Money May really has with cable consumers.


3 thoughts on “Mayweather vs. Guerrero All-Access Debuts Tonight on Showtime

  • There is so much going on with this fight it’s crazy. Mayweather’s first fight out of prison, Guerrero gets gun charges, tons of promotional footage. If it wasn’t for I wouldn’t be able to follow this storyline there’s so much going on!


    In the Mayweather vs Guerrero Match, HBO Sports will not be the network that will host the PPV event. Showtime will be showing the PPV event. Floyd Mayweather left HBO and signed a six-fight deal with CBS and Showtime and this is a huge change in the boxing industry. Mayweather has fought his entire career on HBO. It’ll be the first time that Floyd will be fighting on Showtime.

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