Metta World Peace Says Barkley Never won a Title so Can’t Talk About What it Takes to win one

MWP Barkley


It’s funny to me that NBA players are still letting the comments of the highly entertaining but occasionally insightful Charles Barkley get under their skin.

Barkley is on record on Inside the NBA saying, that the Los Angeles Lakers aren’t a very good basketball team because of their age, and while that may be a factor in their disappointing season, it’s just one of many reasons why their season ended earlier than they would’ve liked.

According to a story via James park of Sheridan Hoops, Lakers mercurial forward Metta World Peace, took offense to Barkley’s comments and decided to go on Twitter where a lot of ill-conceived thoughts find sanctuary, and take shots at the Hall of Famer.




Tell us how you really feel World Peace, and to my surprise and most likely yours, there was a valid point in there somewhere.

Chemistry was definitely an issue on this Lakers team this season. Mike D’Antoni took a little longer than he would’ve liked to get everyone on the same page. They were able to put it together for a period near the end of the season but after Kobe Bryant went down so did their hopes of getting past the San Antonio Spurs.