Michael Jordan’s Wedding Set To Be The Size of Two Football Fields


Michael Jordan may have preferred to keep the details of his elaborate wedding a secret, however thanks to Gossip Extra, the details to this festive celebration taking place this Saturday evening at Jupiter’s Bear Club has been revealed.

Jordan’s 37,000-square-foot home is going through a transformation as 20 young men set up tents and a banquet, which is being place in his enormous backyard.

“Three tents are being put up in his backyard, over the surface of two football fields,” he said.

So far three semis, four smaller trucks, and two large vans have been seen accessing Jordan’s home in preparation for the big day.

“I calculated a total under-roof space of about 600 feet long by 150 feet wide. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been working weddings for a while. It looks like he’s having about 2,000 people over.”

I guess it’s safe to assume this won’t be a small, intimate affair.