Michigan State Student Sets Off Bomb to Celebrate Michigan Losing in Title Game


michigan state fan burn couch

Who celebrates another team’s loss? At least that team was in the championship game, while your team was sitting on the couch watching.

I am very disappointed in Michigan State fan, you are better than this, at least I thought you were. This particular student, thought it would be a good idea to set off a bomb, to celebrate Michigan losing to Louisville, now he is facing jail time.

East Lansing police Lt. Scott Wriggelsworth said early Tuesday after the game, officers patrolling Cedar Village spotted an individual walking down the stairs of the Cedar Village ramp stairwell carrying toilet bowl cleaner.

Wriggelsworth said officers approached the man and asked why he was carrying the cleaner and during their discussion, a loud noise went off on the top level of the parking structure.

Cody Christopher Mastrodonato, listed as a mechanical engineering sophomore in MSU’s database, reportedly told police he set off the bomb in celebration of U-M’s loss to Louisville.

Good to know our future mechanical engineers, like making bombs in their spare time, that really makes me feel safe.


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