Mike Rice Is Coaching Girls’ Team; Witnesses Says He Hasn’t Changed

mike rice

How on God’s green earth did Mike Rice get another job so quickly? And this isn’t just any job he is now coaching his daughter’s basketball team.

Two weeks after a video surfaced showing Mike Rice physically and emotionally assaulting his college male players while thrashing a verbal assault which included homophobic slurs at them during practice, Rice is now responsible for supervising seventh graders.

Surprisingly he has been the coach of his daughter’s team for a couple of years now.

“Mike is doing this because this is what he does. This is what he loves,” said Traci Moore, a mother of one of the nine players on his team.

According to a few witnesses, the leopard didn’t change his spots. Rice was seen at the gym carrying on his same antics yelling at children hoping their fear will force them to listen to his command. However it didn’t go undetected.

On one side, you have the parent’s happy to have Mike Rice coaching their young stars getting them to 2-1 in the tournament and now they are set to advance. On the other side, you have on watchers who see what they deem as inappropriate, reckless behavior handed down from a coach with obvious anger issues.

If the parents of 11 and 12 year old girls see no problem with Rice coaching their children considering how he acted towards other young men, who am I too judge? Do I think it’s ludicrous, absolutely. One can only hope these parents are closely governing the behavior of Mike Rice.