Mike Shanahan Says RG3 Won’t Be Allowed To Play Until He’s 100%



If Robert Griffin III never returns to his pre-ACL form, all blame will fall on the his coach Mike Shanahan for how he handled RG3 prior to the injury.

Shanahan has no interest in taking any more hits to his reputation, and according to Pro Football Talk, won’t allow RG3 to play until he’s absolutely 100%.

“We need to make sure he doesn’t go too quickly because he could set it back,” Shanahan said. “There’s time it’s going to take to do it the right way. The ligament needs time to heal. . . . When you see how hard he’s working, everyone is really optimistic. But you have to let a ligament heal.”

According to various reports, RG3 is ahead of schedule in his rehab, but no more chances will be taken with the franchise players health.


  1. that is total BS to blame shannahan , RG3 was going to get hurt regardless, he has proven that he is made of glass, this was his SECOND acl injury, he will be lucky to play 5yrs

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