Mike Tyson’s Wife Lakiha Spicer Files Lawsuit to Stop Harassing Emails From Stalker

Lakiha Spicer

More than anyone else, Mrs. Spicer might be the main reason Mike Tyson isn’t dead or in jail now. His life was falling apart and he couldn’t trust anyone, when she stabilized his life for him.

Everyone needs a rock and someone they can depend on through good times and bad, Spicer has been that rock for Tyson. I would imagine someone is stalking her out of jealousy or extortion, but for whatever the reason, she had decided to file suit.

Mike Tyson’s wife is suing someone, or someones, she blames for continually harassing her and threatening her safety over the Internet … TMZ has learned.

We obtained a copy of the docs filed today in L.A. County … in which Lakiha Spicer states she’s been receiving emails threatening her life and her family’s life.

According to the suit, the defendant — who is only identified by an IP address — is also “extorting” and “making false allegations and accusations” against Lakiha.

I would think Mike Tyson’s wife, would be the last person you would want to threatened, but people are crazy these days.