New USC Coach Andy Enfield Says He Has No Words For Players At Florida Gulf Coast


New USC Coach Andy Enfield Says He Has No Words For Players At Florida Gulf Coast

It was all good just a week ago…

Yesterday it was announced that Andy Enfield will be taking his “Dunk City” talents to the City of Angels as the new USC head basketball coach. As reported by USA Today, Enfield spoke about the move to the media today.

“USC is an amazing place,” Enfield said this morning from his office in Alico Arena on FGCU’s campus. “I thought that it doesn’t get any better than Pat Haden as an athletic director and the opportunity to work at a prestigious university like USC.”

Enfield and his FGCU players captivated hoops fans with their jovial spirit and entertaining up-tempo play. Players and coach seemed to have a close bond on and off the court, and it’s no surprise that when Enfield told them of his decision he described the scene as emotional for all.

“That’s the most difficult part is telling your players that you won’t be their coach next year,” Enfield said. “We were extremely close. Our whole staff is extremely close with our players. Our players have a special bond among themselves. It’s never easy, and there are no words. You really can’t say the right thing.”

It’s amazing how quickly things change. One week Enfield is talking about how important it is to him to build a program at FGCU and the next he’s running for the hills. Enfield had the nation and obviously USC drinking the koolaid. It will be interesting to see how well he transitions.


  1. Message to all you high school athletes. There is no loyalty in sports. Remember that when you select the college you want to attend. I encourage all of you to read the article from Dr. Boyce Watkins about how college sports is manipulating and robbing the black race.

  2. This is the world of college athletics…hig profile coaches come & go…..and you can’t blame them cause who is gonna turn down all that money. But if Enfield doesn’t get USC to the final 4 in a couple of years he’ll be out, so the pressure is on him now.

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