NFL Draft Most Memorable Fashions


Ray Lewis NFL Draft

Tonight is the NFL Draft, an evening when young men will realize their dream of playing professional football, an evening when they will be thrust onto the world’s stage as members of an exclusive fraternity, an evening when all eyes will be on them AND what they’re wearing.

In honor of that I’ve decided to give you all look at some of the most memorable NFL Draft fashions…or lack there of.

Brett Favre
We have to remember this is 1991, but it’s kind of hard to excuse those cuffed up jean shorts with the t-shirt tucked in and gold chain peeking through. Hey…did you guys know his middle name is Lorenzo!!!???

Brett Favre NFL Draft

Antonio Cromartie
It’s hard to believe this pick was taken in 2006…it seems like more 1976. This clearly was before the wave of “stylists” offered their services to athletes.

Antonio Cromartie NFL Draft


Lynn Swann
A sign of the times…this picture is from draft night 1974. I must say that Swann was clean with the butterfly collar and velvet jacket. That fro could use a little shaping up though.

Lynn Swann NFL Draft

Dewayne Robertson
No sure what Robertson was thinking when he put on this checkerboard suit in 1993, doesn’t he know patterns don’t look the best on larger frames. Well, I’m not sure this suit would look good on any frame.

Dewaye Robertson NFL Draft


Robert Griffin III
Who could forget this baby blue gem RGIII wore to last year’s NFL Draft. I actually thought the combination looked good, but I’m not quite liking the shoes although he was one of the bets dressed in 2012.



Ray Lewis
Not much I can say about this, I mean it is Versace and that 16 inch herringbone takes me back. Classic look here by Reverend Ray.

Ray Lewis NFL Draft


1997 NFL Draft Top Picks
The whole bottom row is one big struggle, but Bryant Westbrook with the shiny lines has to take the cake. Apparently, shiny suits and lines were in style then.

1997 NFL Draft Top Picks


Deion Sanders
I saved the BEST for last! Primetime! Deion Sanders is styling on y’all with this wind suit, snake-skin shades, and 100 gold chains. Trinidad who? Deion was all gold everything in 1989.

Deion Sanders NFL Draft 1

Deion Sanders NFL Draft 2


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  • LMAO….Damn…Primetime had some serious Bling Bling….LOL

  • Love this list lol… 1997… the big struggle (you put it gently)lol

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