Man Claiming to Be NFL Kerry Rhodes Gay Lover Releases Photos To Out Him


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It shouldn’t matter if Kerry Rhodes is gay or not, but when Rhodes came out publicly and said he wasn’t gay, he opened a Pandora’s box.  In the new age of Skip media, people are going to be in your business.

There is nothing you can do to stop it, if you sneeze the wrong way, someone is going to write a story about it.  There is a right way and wrong way to handle these situations.

The right way, is how Chris and Adrienne Bosh handled things when Lil Wayne and others tried to slander Adrienne’s reputation.  They didn’t say anything, they kept living their lives and eventually people moved on.  These days people have short attention spans, so if you just ignore them, they will find a new target to engage.

The wrong way, is to do with Kerry Rhodes did and issue a flat denial.  The reason being, now people are going to go searching, for a way to expose you as a liar, even if you are telling the truth.

They come up with things like this and create Instagram pages to try to expose you.

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I am 100% sure if Rhodes didn’t give a denial to TMZ, this photo never comes to light. Obviously, someone is trying to either out him or embarrass him. Either way, he needs to clam up and the problem will go away. Once again, it shouldn’t matter one way or another what his sexual orientation is, but don’t throw fuel on the trolls fire, because then it just burns longer.

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27 thoughts on “Man Claiming to Be NFL Kerry Rhodes Gay Lover Releases Photos To Out Him

  • I couldn’t care less but those pics sure look gay.

    • I agree with your entire comment…..

    • It should matter to you. Homosexuality is a filthy, wicked sin and abomination. Saying it doesn’t matter makes you guilty by apathy.

      • NO IT ISN’T

      • Agreed people think God will be playing with them,and that they can some how do every sin everyday and expect to enter the Kingdom which their father satan has that illusion he fed to them. When God tells you the sins he HATES know that he does not lie when he tells you what you will face if you don’t leave sin alone. We are on this earth a short amount of time and we don’t know how long but after life heaven or h*ll for ever NO DO OVERS sin is sin but what Kerry takes part of is abomination, all sins need to be repented and you are to leave sin alone,because if you don’t care about your salvation don’t expect the Most High to.This is Babylon,Sodom and Gomorrah all in one it’s literally a matter of time EVERYONE needs to get their house in order mine included. We all sin but then there’s those like myself who gave it up because I fear God I love him for all he has done for me when he could have destroyed me and gave me up to my wicked ways ,but he never did he was always there for me. I want the Kingdom it’s a hard task to live right but easy to sin,I also know sin can lead me to h*ll,why be tortured forever ?God bless you all.

        • May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

        • I really can’t stand so called Christians who are closed minded. There is nothing wrong with loving the person of the same sex. You want to preach about sins and commandments yet you do the same shit yourself. Instead of judging others, leave it up to God.

          The bible was written long ago and obviously not to be followed/interpreted directly. Everybody would be dead.

          Try having an open mind and loving all no matter what. What you see as a choice is quite the opposite to others.


      • Why do people feel the need to demonize homosexuality as if it’s worse than lying or stealing? Theyre all bad, but i can guarantee you, telling people how filthy they are because of their sin isn’t going to make them change. It will push them further away. Love them how God loves you. Forgive them how God forgives you for being a filthy dirty wicked sinner. He doesn’t have to forgive you, but he loves you. Do everyone a favor & try being the same

      • Per the bible there are no big sins and no little sins. GOD sees all sins as filthy rags in his sight. I admit that homosexuality is sin against the body, but so is fornication and adultery. Why do you think GOD will punish homosexuality more harshly than fornication and adultery. Homosexuality is not for me, I am strictly heterosexual, but I think every individual has to give an account to GOD for their lives here on earth and let GOD be the final judge.

  • If you are ashamed of it then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place…this guy also tricks women he is a textbook example of a “down low” man & its disgusting! Did you know men that sleep with other men can’t even give blood, because that group is nasty & risky!

  • Homies over hoes. LOL

    • NFL nigga….you gay

  • everything about those pics are ”SUPECT” could he be a gay man, afraid in a so called straight world

  • Since homosexuality is a sin and theyare going to hell for it, I guess everybody is going to hell as well for eating shellfish, getting tattoos, lying, stealing, fornication, abortion, and so many other things that everyday HETEROSEXUALS do and over look.

    • Word, doesn’t the bible say something about he who is without sin, cast the first stone? I’m not a homosexual, and I don’t exactly approve of the lifestyle, but who am I to judge someone on doing something that absolutely in no way causes my family, friends, or myself harm? As adults, we are going to make our own choices. Some of the choices I’ve made haven’t exactly been the best. The Old Testament’s list of sins is a whole hell of a lot longer than just the Ten Commandments. Masturbation is a sin for god’s sake.

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