NFL LB Rolando McClain Blames The Devil For His Off The Field Issues

rolando mcclain mugshot

I am not big on excuses. I am not big on using religion, as a reason for your good or bad accomplishments. Sometimes you just have to man up and blame yourself.

Not Jesus, Judas, God, Devil or Tebow.

But, here is how linebacker Rolando McClain explained his multiple off the field issues, while he was with the Raiders.

“As a kid and young adult you make mistakes and I have made some,” he said. “I have tried to do good, but sometimes the devil wins.”

“When you come into some money, some people think you owe them and they want some of your money, but I tried to always stay true to who I am,” McClain said. “My wife has completely changed me. She’s made me mellow, softer. . . .

“I am who I am. I’ll have to change my surroundings. I love my friends and my city and I won’t turn my back on them. I just need to make better decisions in my life. I won’t be making as many visits to Decatur.”

I hope he is telling the truth, but changing your surroundings, doesn’t matter, if you don’t change who you are.  McClain hasn’t been a kid for a very long time, he needs to grow up or there won’t be any money or fame around, for his friends to take advantage of.

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  • I live huntsville, al and decatur is 15 miles from us. Everytime he came home he was in some trouble and always on TV. I’m glad to hear he’s staying away from decatur.

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