No Fines For NFL Teams Who Questioned Prospects Sexuality At Combine

Roger Goodell

After Colorado tight end Nick Kasa opened up during a radio interview about sexuality question such as “Do you like girls?” by team officials at the NFL Combine  in February, an official investigation was launched. Some people found no issue with the question, while others argued it open up the room for discrimination.

However the NFL is stating they have found no specific violations after investigating the issue of potential draftees being asked about their sexuality at the scouting combine.

“Our review has not established any specific violations, but we have made it clear to our clubs what is acceptable when interviewing potential players and other job candidates,” said Aiello

“None of the players was able to recall which team asked any particular questions, let alone the ones of concern. It all happened during an informal period in which players met with 20+ teams.”

When these comments were made by Kasa I wonder if he was realizing what he was doing to himself. The NFL is a protected league at least among its owners. Of course no punishments are going to be handed down, but they investigated the issue which makes America happy. Hopefully this won’t impact Kasa and he can still find a place on an NFL team.

One thought on “No Fines For NFL Teams Who Questioned Prospects Sexuality At Combine

  • The players didn’t want to start their NFL careers with the snitch label. They know exactly who asked them what, but they are smartly not saying anything. What team is goin to draft a player who’s first impression is that he’s a crybaby? Even though the question was illegal, Boss Goodell can relax.

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