Nuggets Center JaVale McGee: Having ADD is Fun

JaVale McGee



Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee has a history of making some odd plays on the basketball court that will have you sitting there wondering what is the young player thinking. This time though, McGee’s comments off the court have me wondering what in the world the young center is thinking.

Apparently McGee suffers from extreme Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), something that causes a person to have an extremely short attention span. But according to McGee, having ADD isn’t that big of a deal. In fact, he claims it is fun.

“I have extreme ADD. They tried to put me on Ritalin, but I wouldn’t do it. I  just didn’t want to take it. I was young (when it was diagnosed); it was a long  time ago.” McGee said. “But, yeah, it’s definitely fun having ADD. It’s extremely fun. I’m not  boring.”

I’m not sure the other numerous Americans out there suffering from this disorder would go as far as to categorize it as fun. I think McGee would just be smart to focus on the court.