Orioles Manager Says Rex Ryan Needs To Concentrate On Beating The Ravens

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Baltimore Orioles skipper Buck Showalter has fired back at Rex Ryan who was highly critical of the Orioles refusal to modify their schedule to allow the Ravens to open at home.

Via USA Today, the normally reserved Showalter decided to fight fire with fire against the always brash Rex Ryan. The Jets come down to Ravens/Orioles territory on Nov.  24 and no one’s looking more forward to being there than Showalter himself.

“I’ll be there, I hope he’s there.”

Showalter then added:

“Doesn’t he have a draft coming up? I’d be a little more concerned with Nov. 24, when the Jets come here, and try to figure out a way to beat the Ravens. Me, I try to stay out of things I don’t know about. I would stay in what is my area of supposed expertise.”

Wise choice of words by Showalter, who is totally the opposite of the loud-mouth that Ryan is. Rex Ryan has this habit of not knowing when to mind his own business, so let’s applaud Showalter for telling Ryan such, in a cheeky but very classy manner.

Of course, let’s also keep in mind Ryan has some sour grapes towards the Ravens, who he helped lead to their first Super Bowl victory back in 2000. So, Ryan breaking his neck into the Ravens’ business is no surprise, but the fact that he’s now managed to anger even non-NFL people is.

Typical Rex.