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ESPN The Magazine held its annual Pre-Draft Party in the IAC Building in downtown New York.

BSO was on the scene and here were a few of the quotes from the draft prospects and celebrities in attendance.

Tyrann Matthieu on where he is expected to be drafted:

“I am just hoping for the best and I’ll be ready to play wherever I go.”

EJ Manuel on what teams are interesting in him:

“I believe the Browns, Bills or Eagles will be the team I end up on.  I think those are the teams that have shown the most interested.  I am ready to go from Day 1 wherever I am selected.

Geno Smith on his critics:

“I probably should let some of it roll off my back, but I have dealt with critics all my life, it is motivation for me.  I am ready to play now and prove people wrong on the field.”

Miss USA on who she believes will be the top pick:

“I think it will be a surprised, no one is expecting.”

Cordarrelle Patterson on why he believes he is best WR in the draft.

“I respect all the other wide receivers and they are very talented, but no one has my combination of size and speed.  That will be on display in the NFL immediately and I am ready to make an impact.”

Ray Rice on the changes the Ravens made in the offseason:

“We trust Ozzie Newsome, he has done this in the past and we have complete faith in him.  When you are on top, all you can do is fall to the bottom, so we can’t get complacent.  The 2013 Baltimore Ravens will be new, but with the same goal to win a Championship.”

Howie Schwab from Stump the Schwab, on the difference between when he started in media and now:

“The players can’t get away with nothing these days, when I started you could hide a shooting if you knew what you were doing, but these guys sneeze the wrong way, there are 100 stories about it.  They are under a microscope.

Le’veon Bell on the changing role of the running back in the NFL:

“The have diminished the position so to speak, but I still feel like I can be an Eddie George style workhorse in the NFL.”

The NFL Draft starts tonight at 8pm EST on ESPN.

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