Pilar Sanders Allegedly Dating Birdman Says He Paid Her Legal Bills


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And the rumor mill continues…

While we have all heard the buzz that Deion Sanders’ ex Pilar is dating a Cash Money Millionaire, apparently reports may have pegged the wrong one. Most outlets, including ours, have reported that Pilar is seeing YMCMB head Ronald “Slim” Williams, but VLADTV reports that an insider has said that it is in fact Birdman that has been entertaining the ex Mrs. Sanders and is footing the bill for her legal fees.

An insider revealed that she’s actually dating his brother Birdman. Pilar posted a photo of her and Birdman on her Instagram page at his birthday bash a couple of months ago, but didn’t reveal that they were an item.

The insider also revealed that Birdman is being very generous with his wealth, paying for Pilar’s legal fees with Deion, paying her staff, and treating her to his luxurious lifestyle filled with yachts and private planes. Birdman and Pilar have reportedly been friends for years, but have been seriously dating for just around a year.

Deion, Slim, 50 Cent, and now Birdman. I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…Awww hell…that’s exactly what I’m saying. But seriously, Pilar has a young daughter that is watching her every move. It seems like she needs to concentrate more on being a positive role model for her than finding her next millionaire match.

Pilar Sanders Dating Birdman

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