Pilar Sanders Releases New Workout Photos

Pilar has taken a few Ls in the courtroom, but she isn’t taking any Ls in the gym.

Depending on who you believe she is either dating Baby of Cash Money, has a sex tape with 50 Cent or was screwed over by Deion Sanders.  While you ponder that you can take a look at the photos.

Pilar Sanders Work Out
Pilar Sanders Work Out 2

5 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Releases New Workout Photos

  • Between you and me, I think this former rap video chick uses performance enhancing drugs!

  • Ok, she is good looking but what is the purpose of these pictures? Is she sending these out to get attention, get a man, push her workout videos, etc, etc ??

  • She is one fine female. Problem for her is that Deion Sanders has 10,000 women who look just as good or better waiting to take her place if she goes bonkers.

  • Very Good Woman. We need more like her.

  • Congrats Chelsea. I used to be so hoping we were planning to pull it off, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

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