Pilar Sanders Writing Tell-All Book About Deion Sanders To Mentor Women


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Considering, Deion Sanders was the big winner in their child support and prenuptial agreement court battles, Pilar has to find a way to generate revenue.

Some has speculated, that revenue is coming from Cash Money Records founder Baby, is it possible that he will be financing this tell-all book from Pilar?

Jocks and Stiletto Jill has the details.

The literary piece, tentatively titled, Saving Sanders: The Pilar Sanders Untold Story, is being co-written by Sanders’ longtime friend and publicist, Kali Bowyer.

The book will detail what Pilar has described as her abusive marriage to NFL legend, Deion Sanders. While Deion has maintained that he never physically abused Pilar during their time together, the reality TV beauty is sticking by her story.

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“I want to be a mentor to other women who have been abused, by sharing my story, my struggles and letting them in, it will not only help heal myself but others experiencing the same trials and struggles as well,” she tells HH exclusively.

“There are thousands of women fighting for their rights, their children and their own identity out there. We as women and mothers need to ban together to show support for injustice. I will continue my fight as long as I walk this earth, and with Jesus at my side all will prevail,” she proclaimed during our chat.

Personally, I believe that Pilar should just move on and cash out on a fitness videos (the photos above are my reasoning she should go this route). Maybe she couldn’t sell as many fitness videos, than scandalous books, but she wouldn’t have to worry about anyone slandering her reputation over some stomach crunches.

When you come out with a tell-all book, you leave your closet door open for skeletons to fall out (like the alleged Pilar and 50 Cent sex tape).  With that being said, will you be reading “Saving Sanders”?

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  • Accusing someone of abuse is a serious allegation. I wonder how the kids are feeling about this.

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