Ravens Torrey Smith Says He’s Tired Of Dreads So He Cut Them Off (PHOTOS)

torrey smith cut dreads

The Baltimore Ravens are still going through their revamping stage after losing memorable pieces of their team due to free agency. Although, a few noticeable faces still remains on the team, one particular player is looking extremely different. You may need to do a double take upon approaching him next time.

After teasing his followers by tweeting he might cut his dreads, Smith stuck to his word and delivered.

Thank goodness! After seeing Torrey Smith getting tackled by his hair two years ago by Bengals cornerback Adam Jones on what appeared to be a  sure touchdown, I questioned why he stuck by his decision to sport dreadlocks verses a nice taper fade.

torrey smith cut

Now if Smith didn’t play football, I wouldn’t see a problem with his hair. As long as I don’t have to comb it, wash it, or whatever it is you do to maintain dreadlocks why should I care? However it’s an area of concern because tackling a ball carrier by the hair continues to be fair game.  By wearing dreadlocks or long hair in any form that flows past your helmet you are assuming the risk of being yanked to the ground by your hair.

For a receiver with blistering speed as demonstrated by Smith, you shouldn’t give the defender any advantage to take you down. Even if the advantage is your hair.

When asked why he decided to cut his locks, he simply replied he was tired of his dreadlocks. Unfortunately Smith is unable to donate the locks to charity because they are locked and not straight. After wearing dreadlocks since middle school the new look may take sometime getting familiar with, however the new look does suits him well.

torrey smith cut his dreads

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  • Noooo, why didn’t he just trim them. I’ve had dreads for 15 years and I have always kept them just around my shoulders, it means cutting off 1-2 inches every year.

  • homie looks like Dwayne Wade

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