Ray Allen Says Paul Pierce’s Hurt Feelings are Justified

Ray and Paul

Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce, still hasn’t let go of the feelings of betrayal he felt was exhibited by former teammate and Miami Heat guard Ray Allen, when he took his beautiful jump shot to South Beach last summer.

According to a story via HoopsWorld, Pierce and Allen have yet to have a conversation, with the Celtics forward conceding that his feelings were hurt.

 “It definitely hurt me,” Pierce said. “Say we playthe Lakers for the championship, and two years later I go and sign with the Lakers. That’s the equivalent of what he did.”

Allen says that he understands where his former teammate is coming from, but also says that Pierce knows he had to make the right move for him.

“Those feelings are justified. I’m not on his team anymore, I’m not helping them win.

“His feelings are hurt, but he knows, he understands. He and I can look at each other and exchange a glance, because he knows what I had to do. He knows.”

Pierce and Kevin Garnett really need to get a grip. They’ve been in this league long enough to know how the business works, and more importantly, how tempting the lure of championship contention is.

The Celtics had the opportunity to sign him and and decided not to, so the way I see it is, all was fair after that point, besides, who can say no to Pat Riley.

4 thoughts on “Ray Allen Says Paul Pierce’s Hurt Feelings are Justified

  • You mean Ray decided not to sign…the Celtics offered Ray more years and money than the Heat did! C’mon now….

    • the Celts signed Terry and tried to trade ray more than once, would you sign to a team that you are basically not wanted ?

      • The Lakers tried to trade Kobe back in the day, so what is your point? Celtics were 1 game away from beating the Heat in the playoffs last year and dude leaves the Celtics for the Heat. I wouldnt respect him either.

        • the point is they did not want him , kobe situation was different , he wanted a trade , they tried to trade ray TWICE in a period of TWO years and actually agreed on a trade until it fell apart last year. and you go out and sign someone else who plays the EXACT same role as ray ?(because ray would of became the 6th man). and you are telling me he should of re-signed? wow you must like getting stepped on and treated bad

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