Reds Todd Frazier Promises Disabled Batboy Home Run, Instantly Delivers

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The picture sums everything up so perfectly. The joy. The miraculous euphoria. And the true love of the game.

The Reds were clobbering the embarrassingly bad Miami Marlins in a home game Thursday night in which they had already more than locked up a victory by the time the 6th inning rolled around.

Third baseman Todd Frazier promised batboy Ted Kremer, a life long Reds fan who was born with down syndrome, that he would hit a home run. Kremer was back for his 2nd stint as the club’s batboy after impressing the team with extensive knowledge and all out love of the game.

Almost reminiscent of the Babe calling his own hit, Frazier promised to hit a home run and did just that. After the game Frazier said the  following, via USA Today:

“He is so funny,…He said, ‘come on man, hit me a home run. I love you.’ And I said ‘I love you, too. I’ll hit you one. It was great how excited, that look, I started smiling before I even hit home plate. He’s such a great guy… Even if you have a terrible day, you can’t be mad with a guy like that around.”

Truly heartwarming story.