Report: Alex Rodriguez Paid Off People Who Linked Him to Steroid Clinic

*Apr 14 - 00:05*


According to a story via USA Today Sports, the New York times is reporting that New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, purchased the documents linked to the latest Major league Baseball steroid scandal involving a Miami clinic.

New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez purchased potentially incriminating documents from a person connected to a South Florida-based anti-aging clinic to keep them out of the hands of Major League Baseball investigators, the New York Times reported Friday.

Citing two people briefed on the matter, the Times reported that a representative of Rodriguez purchased documents from a former representative of Biogenesis, the since-closed Miami clinic that reportedly supplied performance-enhancing drugs to two-dozen major leaguers. Rodriguez’s intent was to destroy the documents.

Terry Fahn, a spokesman for Rodriguez, told USA TODAY Sports that Rodriguez “flatly denied the allegation,” but refused further comment.

MLB officials Rob Manfred and Patrick Courtney met with New Times editors in February in an effort to obtain the documents but were rebuffed. MLB investigators have since attempted to purchase the documents themselves, the New York Times reported Thursday evening. MLB has not hid its determination to glean information and, if necessary, suspend players linked to performance-enhancing drugs via Biogenesis.

Apparently,  A-Rod has been busy trying to cover his tracks, which would be a smart move for a guy in his position. I don’t think his career can survive another steroid scandal, so desperate times calls for desperate measures.

If the MLB can’t get their hands on those documents then it will become increasingly more difficult to punish the players alleged to have been associated with the clinic.


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