Report: Cavaliers Interested in Bringing Back Mike Brown

Mike Brown

The only reason Mike Brown was fired was because the Cavs thought that was what LeBron wanted. LeBron may have wanted that, but it surely didn’t stop him from leaving.

Now the Cavaliers want Mike Brown back according to Pro Basketball Talk.

With Scott out, there is mutual interest between Brown and the Cavaliers for a possible reunion, according to multiple league sources.

Much of it may depend on Brown, who has told those close to him that he is not sure he’s ready to return to coaching after being let go by the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this season. Brown, who has two years and more than $8 million left on his deal with the Lakers, has said he may take time off to be with his family.

If I am Mike Brown, I stay far away from Cleveland.  Better opportunities will arise and if they don’t, he has a $8 million nest egg from the Lakers.

Frankly, he didn’t really do anything to get fired from the Lakers, so no one would fault him, if he wanted to just relax and cash those checks.