Report: Kobe Bryant Tears His Achilles Tendon; MRI Scheduled to Confirm


Kobe Bryant Crying

The clock was ticking, Kobe Bryant was doing things that simply hasn’t been done by anyone in the NBA who has played 17 years at the guard position.

The Lakers were battling to make the playoffs,  Kobe was playing heavy minutes and putting in superhuman efforts to keep them afloat.

I have to say I am surprised he lasted this long. Your body can only take some much abuse, even if you are as mentally strong and motivated as Kobe Bryant.

Here is the play where the injury occurred.

Who knows what this means for the career of Kobe Bryant since Achilles Tendon can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to recover from.  When asked if this was the last time we might see him play Kobe responded with “Are you kidding?”.

Here is the entire post game press conference.  It is very emotional.

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