Report: NFL Prospect Tavon Austin Scores a 7 on Wonderlic Test & Why No One Should Care


Tavon Austin

The Wonderlic test is for general intelligence.

The problem is most people don’t specialize in a general field of work. If I am mechanic and know cars like the back of my hand, does it matter if I struggle with English literature?

Some things it helps to be highly educated in a lot of different things to thrive, like a Doctor or Lawyer, but even then that is a specialized field. It is never a bad thing, to be smart, but ask a doctor to break down a zone blitz, he or she might struggle.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Austin scored a 7 on his Wonderlic test. That isn’t a very good score, either he didn’t take the test seriously or he just isn’t that bright, either way doesn’t matter much. What matters more is how Austin who isn’t very big, adjusts to the pro game.

Can he read a defensive back, can he pick up hot routes, can he learn a NFL playbook and etc. That is more important than if he can figure out, if Suzy had 7 apples, John had 10 apples and bought an apple store,  how many apples do they need to make apple pie.

Don’t get caught up in things that aren’t really important.


Word to Sheed.


  1. It’s no secret WVU pretty much accepts anyone into there school, which is why they had a tough time finding a new conference. With that said Austin is a baller for sure.

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