Report: Players On NFL Team Knew Teammate Was Gay And Didn’t Care


In the midst of NFL defensive back Kerry Rhodes being publicly outed by a friend who says that the two were in fact lovers, the question again comes up about how does the NFL deal with an openly gay NFL player?

Well according to Mike Freeman of, one team didn’t think much of it at all.   According to Freeman’s report, players on a team were aware that one of their teammates was gay, and quite frankly didn’t care.

It turns out that for the past few years, with no one watching, an NFL team — with its machismo and tough guys — had reached a certain understanding with one of its players. The player was gay, many on the team knew it, and no one cared.

The player was not openly gay but several of the player’s friends on the team knew it. A good dozen players on the team were aware the player dated men, several players on the team told

“It was the worst kept secret on the team,” said one player. “Many of us knew and we didn’t care at all.” is declining to name the player since the player has not openy declared himself gay.

According to the report, players, coaches as well as the players wives were aware that the teammate was gay.

“We saw him as a player,” said the teammate, “not as a gay player.”

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  • Definitely seems to be what Hollywood jackson was saying about him & Kerry Rhodes.

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