Report: Tracy McGrady to Sign With the Spurs


T-Mac back?

McGrady had a horrible season over in China, not horrible in regard to his play, but the experience he had. He made it through the season, cashed all his checks and has waited for his phone to ring.

I am sure it didn’t take him long to say yes to the Spurs, where he will have an opportunity to win a NBA Title. Very fortunate luck for T-Mac.

Allen Iverson just threw his fitted hat and gold chain on the floor in disgust.

3 thoughts on “Report: Tracy McGrady to Sign With the Spurs

  • Too bad he didn’t sign with the knicks….they could use him

  • T-Mac has been done for 5 yrs, Y sign him now….dats dumb as dirt!

  • Iverson probably is going crazy given hio much he wants to get back in NBA, but I lived in Philly for 4 years while he was there and attended many games. He is the most selfish, non-team player in the history of the 76ers. The character Damon Waynas plays in the movie Celtic Pride could have been written with Iverson in mind (except the end part where Waynas becomes a team player). Iverson would go out of his way to take a shot even when someone else was wide open, regardless of whether the shot had a 20% chance of going in. No question he had terrific basketball skills, but his ego and antics never could and never will help a team win a championship. Don’t know if T-Mac will win a championship or not, but he’ll be a team player in that pursuit and that is why every team needs to continue to forget about Iverson. By the way may sound like sour grapes but being from Chicago I’m a Bulls fan not a 76ers fan. I just love the game and when players put the team ahead of personal glory.

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