Journalist Slammed for Asking if Thunder Cheerleader is “Too Chunky” (Photo)

Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One


According to a story via the Huffington Post, the lovely lady in the picture above was targeted by a blogger for CBS Houston, not because her routine was off, or she had a wardrobe malfunction, but because she appeared to be a bit on the heavy side.

After Game 1 of the NBA playoff series between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets, blogger Claire Crawford commented on the appearance of Thunder cheerleader Kelsey Williams. Crawford wrote that the cheerleader is a “pretty blonde” but claimed that the young woman’s “pudginess” was being criticized “by some folks in OKC.”

“[If] she’s comfortable wearing that tiny outfit and dancing for NBA fans, then good for her,” Crawford wrote, according to NY Daily News. “Besides…not every man likes women to be toothpick skinny. I’d say most men prefer a little extra meat on her bones. Am I right?”

Crawford didn’t stop there either; she then posted a poll next to the blog asking readers to decide if  Williams had “the perfect look to be an NBA cheerleader,” “she could use some tightening up in her midsection,” or “she has no business wearing that outfit in front of people.” Yea I know rude right?

Well a lot of readers felt the same way, taking Crawford to task in the comments section for her crude article even asking for her to be fired. Williams, received a lot of support from folks on Twitter who either read or heard about the story and posted a message of gratitude along with an inspirational quote on her personal account.

First of all, I dont know what kind of individual dedicates an entire article to demeaning someone else, there’s no need for one woman to be putting down another woman in that manner. Secondly, if that cheerleader is considered pudgy in today’s society, then a lot of people are in trouble.

4 thoughts on “Journalist Slammed for Asking if Thunder Cheerleader is “Too Chunky” (Photo)

  • id lic and stick her. shes a sticker.

  • Got one thing to say. If you are a man and don’t want to wife her up right now, YOU ARE GAY.

  • I didn’t know she was the example of fat or pudgy, have we stooped that low? I mean it used to be someone like Adele being the example of fat and pudgy. She’s still in shape considering her profession requires it. I guess it doesn’t matter because curse her for not having a six pack grrrr **sarcasm**

  • “if that cheerleader is considered pudgy in today’s society, then a lot of people are in trouble.”……totally agree and her body is fine in my opinion

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