RG3 Says We Live in a Tyranny of Political Correctness, But What’s He Going to Do About it?

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I probably would have used a different word that “Tyranny”, but I get the gist of what he is saying. The reason is because I have said the same thing for years.

Even more so after Jason Collins decided to announce to the world he is gay. I am just speculating, but I believe a good percentage of athletes are saying one thing about the decision, but really thinking some different. The reason at its lowest level has to do with money.

If you say the perceived wrong thing, that doesn’t go along with the mob mentality it can hurt your pockets. More athletes care about their strip club money, than getting in a debate over homosexuality, race, religion and etc, so they just keep quiet. The benefit of taken a strong stance on anything, hasn’t been beneficial for athletes, so I wouldn’t expect that to change now.

Many in the media are hypocrites, they say they want athletes to be open and honest, then destroy them when they just tell people how they are feeling. It is a catch-22, that can only be remedy by keeping their mouths shut. Terrell Owens was the poster child of someone who spoke his mind, but it only had a negative effect on him. About 80% of the things T.O. would say, would be true, but that didn’t matter. I remember once, ESPN ran a headline story because they asked T.O. what he thought about the Bills Quarterbacks, he refused to comment and they said something to the effect, “Trouble Brewing in Buffalo.”.

If Robert Griffin III feels he is living under a tyranny of political correctness, what is he going to do about it? There is nothing worse than complaining about something and then doing the same thing you are complaining about. I want RG3 tells us what he really feels about Rob Parker, Mike Shanahan and others.

Don’t come up to bat, if you aren’t ready to swing. If there is something bothering you, get it off your chest. If someone did you wrong, call them out.

Obviously, something happened that irked RG3, but you aren’t part of the solution just by tweeting about it. I wish more athletes and people in general could speak freely, without having to worry about the mob mentality attacking them. I also realize that when you are in RG3’s position, there are times when keeping your mouth closed, is the best decision you can make.

Because if it was true Tyranny, you wouldn’t have a choice.

3 thoughts on “RG3 Says We Live in a Tyranny of Political Correctness, But What’s He Going to Do About it?

  • rg3 speaks the truth

    • Johnny Three Sticks* speaks in uselessly generic complaints. BSO is right: If you’re going to bitch, step up and name what you’re bitching about.

      * $1 to Tony Kornheiser.

  • See what Chris Broussard said today. I think he was off with his theology, but I agree with his premise. As a Christian, I do not support Jason Collin’s lifestyle, but only God can judge and we are all sinners. I’m not throwing that stone.

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