Robert Guerrero Says He Is Perfect Fighter to Beat Mayweather (Video)

Robert Guerrero Media Workout

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Robert Guerrero entered the media workout in Las Vegas an hour late; he was stopped on his way over for random drug testing. That’s just one of the things Guerrero had to adjust to with a fight of this magnitude. Don’t for a second think that these nuances distract Guererro in any way from the task at hand. His sole focus is the dismantling of Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 4th.


Guerrero’s entrance into the gym was unique to say the least. He was met at the door by a Priest that blessed his hands for the fight and anointed him with holy oils. The Priest then led trainers, media, and anyone else in attendance in prayer.

From there Guerrero made his way through the sea of reporters and to the small interview set up in front of the boxing ring. The ring that Guerrero has trained in the past 2 weeks and that has seen boxers such as De La Hoya, Leonard, Duran, Hopkins, and more. Guerrero knows the history of this gym and he is fully aware of the importance of this fight. No man has been able to figure out the puzzle which is Floyd Mayweather Jr. Forty-two fighters have tried and forty-two fighters have failed.

Guerrero believes that he has found out why those fighters have failed and has put together a game plan to take apart an ageing Mayweather Jr. The most important part of Guerrero’s game plan is actually sticking to the game plan. He was quick to detail how Floyd’s antics begin before the fight and that fighters are lured into a false hatred of Floyd, which leads to them abandoning their game plan in favour of ¬†brawling.

Besides the mental aspects of Guerrero’s game his ability inside of the ring makes him a formidable opponent to Floyd. He is a southpaw fighter and Floyd has had some of his most trying bouts against lefties. Guerrero also showed his ability to cut off the ring from agile fighters; the best example being his fight against Andre Berto. Let’s not forget his ability to adjust to unorthodox styles such as Casamayor’s and Katsidis’.

Guerrero’s relaxed Californian attitude combined with his impressive fighting resume proves that he is not a minor speed bump for Floyd Mayweather Jr, but the perfect fighter at the perfect time.