Royce White’s Baby Mama Shows $20k Deposit Slip He Sent For Abortion She Didn’t Have

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There are two issues here.

The first issue is pretty clear. Royce White problem isn’t an anxiety disorder, he is just a baby. A kid in a grown man’s body, who cries anxiety when things don’t go his way.

The second issue are his baby mamas.

Royce White Baby Mama

They talk dirty about Royce, but none seem to take any responsibility for the fact, while he may be a clown, they had unprotected sex with this clown.


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I don’t think it is something to be proud of, to say you took $20k from someone to have an abortion and then not have the abortion. That shouldn’t be something to puff your chest out about and posting deposit slips, like this one that was provided to Bossip.

Royce White Bank

I don’t care about Royce getting his Shawn Kemp on or these women who are flip-flopping on what type of person he is, I do care about his kids photos being plastered all over the internet. One day, those kids are going to grow up and they are going to be able to use Google or whatever we are using in 10 years to find themselves. They are going to find their moms and their deadbeat dad. That’s sad, it is the type of thing that can screw a kid up.

It’s unfortunate, but that the world we live it. Blame should always start in the mirror, because that mirror doesn’t lie, doesn’t matter if you are Royce White or his five baby mamas.

2 thoughts on “Royce White’s Baby Mama Shows $20k Deposit Slip He Sent For Abortion She Didn’t Have

  • I don’t know too much about Royce White outside of what I read on this site but it seems like he is the next contestant on Robs summer jam screen. Somewhere Dwight Howard breathes a sigh if relief.

  • I want to know who told these NBA dudes that the fake, nerdy glasses thing is a good look.

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