Sam Hurd’s Attorney Says His Client Isn’t a Drug Dealer, But a “Marijuana Freak”

Sam Hurd arrested

This is somewhat plausible, because there are a lot of wannabe drug dealers out there, who are really just heavy drug users.  The have a lot of time and discretionary income, so they try to act like the drug dealers they see on TV.

With that being said, Sam Hurd, quite possibly, has the greatest addiction to weed of all time, with the amount of weed he was purchasing, if we are to believe his lawyer. He failed two drug tests and was caught trying buy even more weed, after he was originally arrested.

He is either really stupid or the worst drug dealer of all time. Either way, his plea deal was entered into court today and his lawyer is trying to get him off with just probation, even though, that is unlikely to happen.

Former NFL wide receiver Sam Hurd has apologized as he pleaded guilty to trying to buy cocaine and marijuana to set up a drug-distribution network.

The 27-year-old Hurd faces a minimum 10-year sentence for conspiracy to possess cocaine and marijuana with intent to distribute. He was arrested in December 2011 outside a Chicago-area steakhouse after allegedly accepting a kilogram of cocaine.

Prosecutors and Hurd’s attorneys have been in plea discussions for months, according to one of his attorneys, Jay Ethington. 

Ethington told The Chicago Tribune that he plans to “vigorously contest” Hurd’s sentencing, contending that the former receiver didn’t engage in drug trafficking to the extent alleged by prosecutors.

“He’s a marijuana freak,” Ethington told the newspaper. “He loves marijuana. He’s addicted to high-grade marijuana.”

Ethington said Hurd was not a marijuana dealer.

“Sell? No. Share with his friends? Yes,” Ethington told the newspaper.

Regardless of the sentence, Hurd threw away a NFL career and possibly his freedom, for some weed.   I don’t think weed is the worst drug in the America, I think alcohol and cigarettes are worst and they are legal. But when anything costs you your job and your freedom that’s an addiction.

Go seek help.

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