Savannah Brinson’s Bachelorette Party With Male Stripper & LeBron Panties (Photos)

Marriage is like a team dealing with a star player, who happens to get in trouble a lot on and off the field.  You have to ask yourself does the talent, outweigh the headache.

No, different from women who marry athlete and entertainers.  There is a very high upside, but you know you have to deal with a downside.  The question is how much you can take.

There is a difference between marrying Mike James and LeBron James, so I would imagine Savannah’s tolerance is a little higher than most.  I know some people will say “what about love?”, but those people are just very naïve.  I am sure love is one of the reasons people get married, but it certainly isn’t the only reason.  Especially in cases like this.

I wish Savannah well, as long as she and her children are happy, that is all that really matters.  Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.  I am jealous I didn’t get to eat off that Sushi stripper.  I wonder how much he gets paid to do that, how do you get in that line of work?

Savannah Brinson bachelorette party 6

Thanks to Jocks and Stiletto Jill for the photos.

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  • Should’ve known Ms. Gloria wasn’t missing the parrrtay! lol

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