Sergio Martinez Retains Middleweight Title in Disputed Win Over Martin Murray


Martin Murray Sergio Martinez

Here is what I found ironic.

Last week, Canelo Alvarez won a fight landing and throwing a lot less punches than Austin Trout. He scored a clean knockdown and the consensus was, he won the fight because he simply threw harder punches.

This week, Martin Murray throws almost as many, lands more of the harder punches and scores a clean knockdown on Sergio Martinez, but it is Martinez who claims the victory.

How does that happened?

The fight was in Argentina and there was no way a close fight was going to go Murray’s way, even if in my mind he won the fight, for the reasons I stated above.

Just another reason why I wrote the article on why boxing scoring needs to be revamped for modern times.  Even though Martinez won, he has been knocked down three times in his last four fights.  He isn’t the elite pound for pound guy anymore.  His age, boxing style and surgeries are starting to catch up with him.

Father time is still undefeated.