Shane Battier Gets a Truck-Load of Free Bud Light (Video)

Shane Battier

It is often said and proven, that America is a land of opportunity, especially for those who are already wealthy as Shane Battier can now attest.

As the Miami Heat prepare for another championship run, Battier was asked about superstitions by, to which he responded by professing his loyalty for one particular brand of beer..

“Athletes are all superstitious and even if they don’t admit it, there’s a routine and just a cadence to our days. Especially when things go well, you can see us try to replicate it.”

Exactly. Just what we suspected. And yours are …

“Well, I try to drink the same beer – Bud Light – but that’s about it. You never know. I don’t want to chance luck and switch up brands, so I’m staying loyal to Bud Light.”

After publicly endorsing the company, Bud Light decided to reward Battier by surprising him with a truck full of free beer. Now, Battier is often lauded for his intelligence and he definitely showed it in this instance, he knew what he was doing.

Check the video out here:

H/T to Slam Online for the video.