Shaq Gets Protective Order Against Mistress To Stop Freaky Sex Details From Being Leaked

Shaq vanessa_lopez

This lawsuit that Vanessa Lopez has against Shaq, has been going on forever. She accuses him of a lot of things. Stalking, having his sisters threaten her, using police contacts to scare her, racketeering, invasion of privacy, intentional inflection of emotional distress and other things that you normally only see on CSI. This all started when Ms. Lopez told Shaq she thought she was pregnant (she wasn’t).

According to Radar Online, the protective order wasn’t granted because Shaq fears Ms. Lopez is going to do any harm to him, but to stop hear from leaking details of her deposition to the media.

The deposition as you can imagine doesn’t show Shaq in the best light (some freaky sex stuff was included), so he will try to do whatever he can to keep it out of the public.