Skylar Diggins Signs to Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports


Skylar Diggins is the newest member of the Roc Nation Sports team. Jay-Z’s latest venture has hit the ground running with signees Robinson Cano and Victor Cruz. Skylar adds another dynamic to the agency and has positioned herself to be the most marketed woman in sports.

Roc Nation isn’t just about flashing the dynasty sign and partying either; their partnership with CAA Sports gives their athletes the opportunity to be represented by some of the best agents in the world.

There are no signs of the Roc Nation slowing down. The Diggins signing is just the latest step in what is shaping up to be a long line of star studded clients.

15 thoughts on “Skylar Diggins Signs to Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports

  • She may have graduated from Note Dame, but it’s obvious Skylar is still green. You don’t sign with a man who doesn’t have a law degree or a bachelors degree. I predict all of these athletes signing with Jay-Z will be broke in ten years, and Mr. Carter will be laughing all the way to Barclays Bank. Don’t be surprised if Jay has Skylar dressed half naked shaking her behind like Beyonce and Rihanna. Big mistake Ms. Diggins!

    • i agree, but i think its worse for guys like cruz and cano , you have to be a complete moron to sign to roc while you are already an established star, i mean cano was signed to the man who is considered the top agent in baseball. i mean jay-z is cool and all but this is sports we are talking about, he knows nothing about this side of it. and i know that it is a joint partnership with CAA but the fact that jay wants to be a agent himself should be enough to stay the hell away

      • TOTALLY AGREE with BOTH Of Y’all Though!!!!!

        This Dude’s a PURE ILLITERATE with NO Real Corporate Business Skillz-or-Exterprise WHATSOEVER… This Smoke-n-Mirrors CON-JOB of making the MASSES aka Nut-Huggers & BLACK Sheeeple believe He’s a LEGIT MOGUL is Beyond NONSENSICAL… I Just Laugh and SMDH at the Grown-ADULTS that actually believe THIS SHYT (Yes I Do…)

        • Jay Z won’t be doing any of the negotiating and deal making. That part will be done by the folks at CAA which is one of the biggest and most successful agencies out there. He was smart enough to get people who know what they’re doing to partner with him. Why they chose to partner with him? Beats me.

  • Pretty impressive for someone with no education,no certification, no experience but a criminal record.

    • If You willing to SELLOUT and SUCK DYCK and TAKE DYCK UP YOUR AZZ… You can DO THIS Too (MmmHmm…)

  • Remember fifteen years ago Master P tried to be a sports agent. He screwed Ricky Williams out of millions. Later Master P’s sports agency went bankrupt and so did Master P. I predict the same will happen to Skylar Diggins. What little money she makes in the WNBA will be gone. Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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