Soccer fan who Punched Police Horse Issues Tearful Apology (Photo)

Newcastle fan


On Monday we reported that over the weekend a riot broke out in England following a soccer match which resulted in the police getting involved and a horse getting punched in the face by a maniacal fan.

Well the Mirror, identified the man as Barry Rogerson, an unemployed factory worker who has been on disability since 2005, and he issued a tearful apology for his actions.

“I reacted stupidly. I did not go out to attack a horse.”

“I love animals – I’ve got three dogs, a fish pond out the back and I feed foxes across the road.”


Rogerson says that he wasn’t aware of the craziness happening around him and that he was hopped up on alcohol and medication.

“For some reason people are more upset about the fact that I hit a horse than a policewoman getting hurt.

“But I would like to apologise to the horse, to all the mounted section, to people of the North East.

“I am on medication and had been drinking, but that does not excuse what happened.”

Here’s the video of the incident again in case you missed it: