Soccer Ref Says He’s Impotent After Coach Squeezed His Balls

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Sometimes it’s best just not to even ask questions, but for the curious here’s arguably one of the most bizarre stories in a while. Brace yourself.


Referee Martin Wekesa said he was seeking $240,000 in compensation from FKF after the alleged assault in a game in September last year, when he was kicked and hit by members of the Sparki Youth team before being “attacked in my private parts” by one of the coaching staff.

Wekesa said Daudi Kajembe came onto the field and assaulted him after a decision to send a Sparki player off.

“He pulled my testicles. He actually pressed them and I was hanging on him when he was pulling me. I was crying and could not get myself out from his hands,” Wekesa said. “I remember Kajembe told me, raising his hand, `I can kill you in a minute,’ and came directly to my testicles.”

Wekesa was eventually rescued by police but then that’s when the story gets sad but very strange, as he says he can no longer have sex with his wife citing it as ‘impossible’.

Kajembe is due to appear in court in Mombasa on Thursday on the charge of assault and grevious bodily harm, to which he has plead not guilty.

Wekesa is claiming $20 million Kenyan shillings from the Kenyan Federation  in compensation for his expensive medical bills and the impact it’s had on his relationship with his wife. He had sent a letter to the Federation demanding for compensation but received no reply.

Cringe worthy story, but you hope the man gets some justice nonetheless.

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  • Just the thought of somebody attacking a man’s testicles is enough to make you cringe……

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