Stephen Curry Gets Into Verbal Altercation With Fan After Game (Video)

stephen curry no high five

Following Tuesday’s Nuggets game 5 victory over the Warriors cameras caught Stephen Curry get into an altercation with a fan in the stands as he was heading to the lockerroom.

It’s unclear what was said, but what is clear is that Curry was very upset.

Why do fans feel the need to take things this far?

2 thoughts on “Stephen Curry Gets Into Verbal Altercation With Fan After Game (Video)

  • Stephen has to learn how to ignore that crap……

  • After the way that game was officiated he should have had an altercation with the refs. The NBA feels slightly fixed when you can blatantly see the refs i wont say cheating, but calling every little thign against the team trying to eliminate the other, while on the other end curry is getting grabbed and shoved. Refs dont know how to ref superstars, same thing goes for durant. Watching ppl guard him they fould the whole time, then harden or beverly use an exagerated head knod and get a call

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